Vanessa’s sweet country sound hails from her southern roots in Memphis, TN where she spent most of her childhood listening to musical greats like Elvis Presley, Shania Twain, Faith Hill, Celine Dion, and Mariah Carey. True to her southern upbringing, she wrote her first song, a gospel song, and what she calls her ‘first structured song’ titled Lift You Up, at the early age of 8.

Her own story is inspiring to hear. She grew up poor, making her own way at 18 years old on a cold Christmas night. Once you meet her you come to love her for the genuine, honest and confident woman she aims to be. Vanessa knows… she is no better than anyone else. She just has a dream. A love for the soul of country music.

Inspiration flows for Vanessa. Coupled with growing up poor, she is a mother of not one, not two, but of four children, whom she proudly beams as her ‘love spawns’ with her husband of 10 years. Every song she writes is inspired by her own life. Each one showcases her vocal gift and unique songwriting talent. Lyrics from Sticks and Stones, ‘Go ahead and throw your sticks and stones, you’re gonna be mad when they don’t tear me down, break my bones’ gives us a window into what she’s already been through on a personal level. In Dreams she sings, ‘I just want to know, do I have just what I need, to follow my dreams…’and is written in effort to pour out her heart felt need and desire to find her place in Country Music.

Talk to her in person and you will find yourself a driven, beautiful, and gifted friend. More driven out of any other to make her mark… she is unstoppable, unforgettable, with everything to gain and nothing to lose!