7 years…solid as when I first got it

I totally get why Voyage Air sells these as travel guitars but to my mind, a Voyage Air is the ultimate guitar for a local singer-songwriter.

I play solo gigs at local bars, vineyards, coffee shops, and other small venues. It’s just me hauling my stuff so anything that makes the load-in and load-out easier is a big deal. One day, as I was banging through yet another tight doorway with my traditional guitar in the traditional hard case, I finally had the moment of realization: why on Earth am I not using the Voyage-Air right now?

Since then it’s been my main gigging guitar. I’m kind of embarrassed about how long it took me to figure that out. What a relief, to be carrying a nice portable backpack rather than a full-length hard case when you get to a club and they ask you to load in from the back door- which is up a twisty staircase, through a tiny doorway, and down a narrow bendy hall.

Besides being portable, the Voyage Air is great for gigging because right off the bat, it gets people’s interest. Guitarists who haven’t seen a Voyage Air will ask all kinds of questions. The gadget-lovers dig it. If there are little kids around, you can goof like the guitar is broken and fix it with the magic words or whatever.

My daughter is starting to get into guitar and I just bought her a mini dread Voyage Air. It’s just the right size for her now, but I also think it’s something she can have for the rest of her life- the world’s most convenient travel guitar, ready to take on whatever adventures life sends her way.

Plus, I’m totally going to use it as my new backup gig guitar and completely free myself of full-length guitar cases. I mean, I definitely got it for her, but she won’t mind if I borrow it now and then, right?

Anyway, thanks for making a solid product. I’ve had my Voyage Air guitar for about 7 years now. The hinge is as solid as when I first got it and the neck seam is still nearly invisible when it’s folded out. It sounds great plugged or unplugged and I can take a fair amount of cables, capos, and other stuff in the laptop part of the case. Just a great idea, well executed. I recommend them to everyone who asks.

~ Howard