A fantastic representation of how it works, after being shipped in a box, from California to Florida. Thanks for the video!


Thanks to Voyage Air VAD-04 owner in south Florida,  JC CASELY, for this video on YouTube..below is an excerpt from his web site bio giving an insight to what you will see in the video below.

Sun-soaked South Florida’s best kept secret is finally receiving the national attention he deserves. Previously signed to Epic/Sony Records and currently signed to Ultra records, CASELY (born Jean Carlos Casely) is a young musical phenom who has shattered all expectations of what makes an R&B superstar. After attending Boston’s world-famous Berklee College of Music on full music scholarship, this classically trained pianist is a singing/acting/dancing/songwriting quadruple threat who embodies what it means to be a child of the 80s. His influences range from Prince and Michael Jackson to Death Cab for Cutie and John Mayer, and it shows. Casely’s music is filled with unexpected twists, glittery synthesizers, sumptuous melodic layer-cakes, and straight-up dance tracks that move you in the club. He says. “I’m doing it all leftfield, pushing the envelope.”

Not our standard owner video submission however a very nice song featuring his Voyage Air VAD-04 on “Gotye – State of the Art cover”. Enjoy!