This is the 3rd Edition of writing about my journeys with my Premier series VAOM-1C. This is an early model which I found in a guitar store in Hilo Hawaii while attending the 50th anniversary Merrie Monarch festival in 2013. It had been in the store for a long time so I adopted it.

I play many guitars in many styles so I’m very particular about setup, intonation and tone. To that end I have made a few small modifications over time which included adding a Pearse armrest, changing the break-angle over the bridge, action height, etc. The guitar neck join was worked on by Voyage Air a couple of years ago when I added the LR Baggs pickup but is primarily used acoustically. I also wore out my travel case and managed to replace it. Nice to have good service!

Matteo Matteini

I travel. A lot. By car, train, cruise liner, sailboat, and planes large and small. My primary residence is Sydney Australia, with a backup in Del Mar California. This much loved Voyage Air has now been with me to all 7 Continents and 49countries, all the states and territories in Australia, and 30 states in the USA, and Antarctica! In the past year I revisited many countries but added Vanuatu, Fiji, New Caledonia, and Romania to the list. I played with the resident guitarist at Peles Castle in Transylvania – (he loved playing my guitar when we swapped). Later this year we visit the Shetland Islands, Iceland and Greenland.

I am writing this from Cradle Mountain Tasmania on holiday as we take a brief respite from the clouds of smoke and poor air caused by the bush fires. We’ve been near those fires now in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. The resilience of all we meet is amazing in the face of the devastation. You don’t need those pictures but to say being able to take my music is much appreciated.

It is a special endorsement when people who know me refer to my VAOM as my ‘favorite’ guitar, regardless of my many other iconic guitars and those specifically made for me. My only concern is whether I need to buy another one as an insurance policy against a day which hopefully never comes when this one is damaged or stolen!

Never leave home without it..

Bob Smith


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