Well known British acoustic player and a founder of the band Fairport Convention.

I’m a performing songwriter. I own and use one of your O2 models. I’d like to buy one of your black O4 models but cannot find one…

After looking around for the black 04 and realizing that everyone is out of stock, I found a used one on eBay for a very fair price and bought it.
I live in the Netherlands these days, so I think I’ll leave my blond one here and (fingers crossed) if the black one is as playable I’ll take it home with me to play in Europe.
Quick question. What is the basic difference between my 02 and the 04? Apart from setup and good strings, how can I get the best sound and feel possible from the Voyage Air?  Anything you think I should know to maximize my sound I’d be grateful to hear.

I’m already sold on the instrument and will probably be posting clips on Facebook by tours end.

Iain Matthews



Congratulations to the prolific one and only Iain Matthews on the release of his new vinyl-only album!!

Recorded entirely with his Voyage Air!