Kangaralien is a really stupid name for a band. I mean, uhh . . . *ahem* . . . Kangaralien is a Boston-based acoustic guitar duo. That their music calls to mind traces of progressive rock bands like Rush and Porcupine Tree shouldn’t be surprising, as its two members, Eric Clemenzi and Steve Belleville, met playing in a Dream Theater tribute band. But more than a passing listen displays a range of influences including bluegrass, jazz, and classical. If you sit close enough to your speakers, you may even hear the faint smells of a kangaroo thinking of a spaceship.

Since their formation in 2004, Kangaralien has released two full-length albums; their self-titled debut in 2006 and its follow-up, Inspired by Humans, in 2009. They’ve supported these recordings by playing at all types of venues. No, really; rock clubs, restaurants, apple orchards, ice cream parlors, libraries . . . you name it. As a duo, Kangaralien plays concerts, visits schools, and sets up clinics for aspiring musicians. As individuals, Eric hones the craft of the brain-melting guitar solo and still finds time to be a dad and teach 80 students every week. Steve finds time to do less and less as his gigging schedule and Wii Bowling schedule become increasingly demanding.