Great experience


The top of the mountain with the guitar. When I want to climb to the top of the mountain with the guitar, it is helpful and comfortable to always bring this product with me.

Without Voyage Guitar, I would not be able to take these pictures of the mountains, the guitar and me at that time.

Yes, understandably, it would be dangerous to climb a mountain with this guitar.  Therefore, one should think about making with this product during a mountain hike.

But I definitely want to do next mountain hike with this Voyage Air Guitar again, because nobody thinks about it easily, who actually brings a guitar on the mountain top?

I have a great experience with this product.

First of all, just being able to play anywhere, as one of the advantages of folding Guitar, I think it gave me many opportunities to play music.

Also, I was curious about the country of the United States through that guitar, and I met many people through interesting travel.

I don’t think I need any other guitar anymore. I want to pass it on to my children and grandchildren.

Finally, thank Mr. J. Cohen for making this experience possible.

Young Min Yoo