It’s not every day that you meet a singer/songwriter who is actually from Nashville, Tennessee…..especially one as unique as Nolan Neal.

This prolific artist is perhaps best described by a fan, who saw him sitting on a waist-high brick wall one September evening in 2001 on Nashville’s famous 2nd Avenue, strumming his guitar and belting out a song. “He was beginning to draw a crowd, so we took a seat next to him. I remember thinking how he reminded me of John Lennon, with a voice better than Creed’s lead singer. We sat and listened to him play his guitar and sing for about two hours. His music is like a soul trip, his voice is the kind that gets under your skin.

He can play a guitar like no one I’ve heard in real life and his music and voice are full of emotion. Before we left he gave me his autograph…which I received on a Bible handout someone had dropped in his guitar case, and I now keep in a safe place.”

The Voice

Nolan is a comeback artist from Season 10. After his Season 10 audition, Adam Levine commented on his rasp and range and asked Nolan to sing another song on the spot. After his second song, all four coaches knew they had made a mistake by not selecting him. Since his time in Los Angeles, Nolan has focused on songwriting, producing tracks for several bands and recording songs for his upcoming record. Nolan’s two children were able to see their dad on The Voice and are extremely proud of him.