Don Alder is the 2010 winner of the competition, beating out nine other guitar finalists. Selected from thousands of entries, Don was the only contestant to play an acoustic guitar in the finals, and also the only contestant to receive a standing ovation.

Don’s style of guitar playing (“percussive acoustic”) made him an unusual entry in this otherwise electric, solo-noodle-driven contest. His unique style incorporates fingerpicking with simultaneous percussion on the soundboard to create a wall of sound. In the recent past, Don was the winner of the 2007 International Fingerstyle Champion competition in Winfield, Kansas. Don also has a long list of other awards under his belt.

After the competition, Don met with us to check out the Voyage-Air Guitar, and he was clearly impressed with the guitar’s playability and tone. You can see his playing style and hear some brief comments in the videos below along with playing his Voyage-Air at NAMM 2011 in an incredible style.