Teresa Chandler

I love this guitar. My decades long struggle of traveling with my guitar is over! I was honestly just hoping for something I could live with but it has surprising tone and volume and I can get a good range of feels out of it. It has a bit of a young wood sound to it but the wood is so resonant and responsive it will mellow with age and playing. Really stunning for a mid-range guitar.

I fully expected to have to take it to my luthier for a setup but a bit of Dr. Stringfellow on the neck and strings and it played beautifully! I may end up changing the tuners to locking ones at some point but overall I am thrilled with it.

Who’d have thought I could have worry free ease of travel with a great sounding full-size guitar. And it is so LIGHT!

I’m looking forward to years of adventure with my new Voyage Air songwriting partner.

Thanks again for all your help and the great service,

Teresa Chandler

PS – the gig bag is awesome – it has a separate zippered compartment on the back. It is right at home with the Taylor 714 and one of my Martins.