Traveling the world

“My name is Glen Harris, and I am a proud new owner of a Voyage Air VAOM-04. I purchased this guitar based on the recommendations of an acoustic guitar forum I visit frequently. I serve in the US Military, and my job involves traveling the world.”One aspect of being a chaplain is providing the opportunity to worship in a remote setting, for men and women who are thousands of miles away from their home churches. For many, a worship service would feel incomplete without music. Music is an integral part of spirituality… but in remote countries, musical resources are often limited.

“For me, the ability to strap a great sounding, great playing guitar to my back when I travel is a major asset to the ministry I can provide. That was the main reason I purchased my VAOM-04.

“I keep several “go bags” packed all the time, and they include the essentials that I need, should I receive a phone call and have to mobilize in haste. My VAOM-04 is now included as one of those “go bags.” I know that I can have it packed up and ready to go in less than a minute. When I get to my location, I can unpack it and play it in a worship service in no time flat.

“I’ve owned a few other travel guitars in the past, but they all pale in comparison to my VAOM-04. First of all, most travel guitars are scaled down proportionate to full-sized guitars, which means that the neck is often uncomfortable and cramped. Not so with the VAOM-04. The neck is smooth and fast and the 1 3/4” nut width is comfortable.

“Secondly, other travel guitars sound like what they are: small guitars. They often have anemic low end and shrill trebles. Since the Voyage Air is full-sized guitar, it has a rich, mature voice all across the tonal spectrum, especially with an upgraded bone saddle.

“Thirdly, to keep costs low, other manufacturers often skimp on fit and finish. They exclude interior kerfing, and use cheaper satin finishes. The VAOM-04 had a great set up right out of the box. I love the gloss finish which gives the mahogany back and sides an almost flamed, three dimensional appearance.

“I realize now that the VAOM-04 is a great guitar. Period. I don’t know of another OM guitar of equal quality in the same price range. The fact that I can fold it up, put it in a backpack and take it with me, anywhere, makes this guitar an outstanding choice for me. I am excited about this new guitar and look forward to taking it with me when I encounter other men and women of the US Military. Wherever that service may take me, you can bet my VAOM-04 will be along for the ride.”


Glen Harris