Vietnam, Hong Kong, and China

My Voyage Air Belair guitar has been my main guitar when I travel to Vietnam, Hong Kong, and China. I had a yearly gig in Saigon, Vietnam, up until 2020 when the pandemic hit us. I would play with a revolving number of bandmates in a number of Saigon clubs. We covered jazz, old school R&B, and blues. Band members hailed from the UK, Ukraine, Philippines, France, and of course, Vietnam. All were superb musicians who expected a high level of performance. My Belair helped me to deliver it.

While teaching in China, my Belair was perfect for walking to gigs or on public transportation. At the end of a gig people were always amazed when I simply folded up my guitar and put it in its “brief case”. I could always find my sound no matter what genre I played.

Marcus W.