Absolutely Happy with the VAOM-2C

Wanted to let you know that I´m absolutely happy with the VAOM-2C!

“SHE” is wonderful to play…Beautiful warm sound thanks to the rosewood back and sides!

For me -as the VAOM-2C has a cutaway form- the rosewood back and sides correlates perfectly for the sound! As what the cutaway cuts of from bass and treble, the rosewood substitutes exactly in the right frequencies! Or with other words… it´s the BALANCE…or the RIGHT DOSAGE that makes me smile… whenever I play the sound inspires me… this is what a singer songwriter loves most… to find a guitar that makes him WANT to play… and dive into the SOUND…amazing! Also in studio recordings this balance in sound is amazing!

Another thing that makes me smile is, that the guitar sound great for finger-style as well as for strumming. Only very less guitars I was playing had this balance between strumming and finger-style in there sound! And one of these was the Martin OM John Mayer which costs more then double of the price then the VAOM-2C.

With simple words! Your team created a masterpiece in many aspects! Not to forget in these context, the foldability of the guitar… he unique system you created, which makes traveling in aircrafts again affordable for musicians all over the globe…. a highlight itself!

And all this still for an absolutely fair price!

My love & respect for your work!

E R W I N :-)