In July of this year, I took my (then) brand new Transit Series VAMD-02 to Athens, Greece.

Of course, all my traveling with this guitar proved it to be light, easy to carry and very comfortable. Having my guitar with me was great. The pictures attached were taken at the shoreline of the Mediterranean Sea, and at the foot of the Acropolis in Athens.

The trip to Greece? My VAMD-02 guitar never made it home with me. Why? My nephew, John Alexandrides, pictured in one of the shots, decided he really liked the guitar. I gave it to him, and that VAMD-02 is now residing with him in Athens, Greece.  He takes it and plays it everywhere.  You guys need a dealer in Athens!

As you know, when I got back to the states I needed another guitar and picked up the VAD-04 Songwriter. Now, I picked up my second Belair, S/N 005 and had Harvey Leach custom-inlay a few fret markers. That’s truly a one of a kind guitar.  I love it.

That makes four Voyage Air guitars that I’ve purchased this year. Lets see what happens in 2012!

Thanks for everything, especially your customer support.

Very Best Regards,
Bob Pellizzi, Georgia, USA