Dear Voyage Air Guitar staff,

You repeatedly ask your customers for their story with the foldable guitars.

You’ve got me finally, here’s mine:

I always loved to play guitar especially at my holiday locations. I was really tired of squeezing that little children’s guitar into my baggage when I stumbled upon your guitars.

I ordered a VAOM-04 in January 2018, and ever since it was a breeze to carry a full sized guitar with folded neck as carry-on baggage onto the plane. Wow, what a change!

The folks at customs still give me odd looks sometimes, but more out of curiosity than suspicion.

I spend my holidays in Matala- a little fisherman’s village at the south coast of the Isle of Crete in the Mediterranean.

Greek mythology tells that Zeus abducted beautiful Europe in the shape of a white bull and went ashore in Matala bay, where they made love.

But the little village is really famous for the thousands of hippies who sought refuge, peace and love in the 60s and 70s, in the stone caves above the sea. Joni Mitchell and Cat Stevens walked on Matala beach, each meeting his own love story there.

I dared to take up these stories and made a song of it to catch the very special feeling of this place.

You can watch the music video on YouTube. The acoustic guitar parts are all played on the Voyage air guitar with its crispy clear sound.
The guitar is accompanied by traditional Cretan instruments played to perfection by Giannis Xaralampakis, a brilliant Greek musician, and a good friend.

I am Mick Melt, and I hope you will enjoy my song: