*Editor’s note: Sometimes we get busy and things get overlooked or missed. This customer had a chain of emails that were just found – Thanks Graeme!

Hello there again from down under.  I received your guitar a few years back and right now it’s out west with me (Roma in Queensland). Later this year “we” travel overseas again through Asia and parts unknown. Only travel with carry on bag (7kg) and the guitar means one less pair of undies, a sacrifice easily accommodated given I don’t wear them. No, a real partner that there guitar, a fine invention indeed and one last word – Thanks.

All’s well. Taken the Voyage Air to New Zealand and Asia a few times. Next year big trip to I know not where.  All good fun -guitar and about 5kg carry on baggage does the job. Good invention-who thought of it first? Probably Hendrix after he smashed his guitar- thinks ….mmm that’ll fit in my bag now.

Have been playing this last hour. Having great time. Everybody goes away when I play’ sometimes me too. But its just what I’m after. My left pinkie is bent [aussie rules football] and your guitar is slightly smaller than my usual guitar so I can reach places previously unexplored. Going to Perth next month and guess what’s comin’ with me. Thanks for your courteous help Barney, it’s really made my day.