Edward McShane

Dear Voyage Air:
I can’t recall ever writing a company praising their product – even the great ones – but the Voyage Air guitar is a special case for me. I think any guitar loving addict like me would feel the same way.

It is all about being able to take a great sounding guitar with you in the overhead storage rather than having it languish with the luggage and in the baggage bowels of airports.

I interviewed all the “travel” guitars that were in stock at the San Francisco Guitar Center. They were all wanting of a decent guitar sound. Then, the salesman told me that they recently had a full sized folding neck guitar that really did sound great and that really could be easily folded and put back into play again (with a little tuning.) He said Guitar Center had the guitars on order but I didn’t want to wait so I took a chance and ordered the Voyage-Air VAD-2 dreadnaught model online: sight unseen and unheard!

I figured I would return the guitar if it didn’t meet my quality standards.

I should state here that I have a forty year old Martin D-35 and a Taylor 12 string. I may not have “golden-ears” but I do know what a quality guitar sounds like.

My new Voyage Air passed the audition with flying colors. The sound is very good and will only get better with age. The construction and materials are quality, and I can take it anywhere.

My excitement over this guitar reminds me of when I purchased the first generation iPod: finally I was able to conveniently take my music with me – just like I can now take my guitar with me.

For a lover of music and guitar playing, who could ask for anything more?

Now I’m thinking about that electric Voyage Air.

Edward McShane