Joshua Smith has shared the stage with many greats such as PRINCE, Anna Nalick (hit song, “Breathe(2am)”), The Tokens (“The Lion Sleeps Tonight”), Sam Bradley (featured in Twilight sountrack), Deron Johnson (Miles Davis, Seal, Alanis Morissette, Stanley Clark), Gary Novak (Chick Corea, Allan Holdsworth, Robben Ford), Chris Pierce (KCRW, BB King), The Northstar Session (NBC’s Parenthood), Lelia Broussard (featured Rolling Stone top 8 indie artist for cover).

Josh dedicates his work and life to good causes. A Nashville, TN native, he began writing songs at the age of 12. His writing is heavily influenced by his belief in the power of voice as a tool for global awareness, and a family with a strong support of creativity. “Mom and I would sing a lot together, and the whole family would join in with us at our big family reunions.  My great grandmother was a Jazz and Opera singer, so I grew up on old jazz standards – and my grandfather on my Dad’s side was a classical composer and teacher.”  In 2006, living in a church, working for, and leading relief teams on the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina helped him further hone in on the development of his gifts in songwriting and singing. Josh is also a gifted painter, illustrator, actor, voice over actor, and writer. By viewing his talents as a call to action in the spirit of service to others, Josh seeks to guide humanity’s collective attention to the value of helping and healing our common family through art, music, and all creative expression.

“Home on the Road”  – a project created by Joshus Smith, and developed by Josh, David Tayar (director), and others from Apocalypse Pictures, True Source Entertainment, Home and Community Inc., Notebook Entertainment, and Play it Forward Productions. “We aren’t just making music, or a documentary about ‘homelessness’… People are tired of homeless documentaries! We’re trying to create something that will inspire people, empower people, and give them opportunities to do something great in their own community.”
– Josh Smith